Journey To The Crown Experience 2017

February 11, 2017

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What is Journey to the Crown?

Journey to the Crown (JTTC) is an inaugural experience that will allow women from around the globe who've experienced self-hatred, helplessness and insecurities to stand in solidarity as they explore their past, present and future ambitions.

Our mission is to create a forum for women of all life experiences to come together to discover and celebrate the journey to self-love, self-determination and healing.

The experience will highlight key steps towards building the self-worth and confidence necessary to further discover one's inner beauty, passion, and purpose.

"What makes everyone's beauty unique is the passion that radiates from within...passion that stems from proclaiming victory over that thing that was once was an obstacle, and walking in your purpose. That is a true crown of beauty. It is my belief that this journey to glory is one of the most important milestones in every woman's life. Our mission is to help everywoman discover and embark on that journey, be equipped to persevere and conquer obstacles along that journey, obtain her crown, and reign as her journey continues." - Ellen Osei, CEO - The CLASS Network

LOVE Begins Now, HEALING Begins Now, A NEW STORY Begins Now:

JTTC Experience Components

Part 1: Breakfast & Networking

I: Crown Closet
The CLASS Network will team up with a local boutique to create a free shopping opportunity for conference participants who may not have access to clothing. Items will include new or gently used clothing, shoes and accessories available throughout the duration of the event on a first come first serve basis.

II: Journey Marking/Networking
Women from across the country will gather to celebrate of the road to self-discovery. Participants will be encouraged to identify where they may be on their journey to the crown, as well as participate in activities that will prepare all participants to take the next step on their journey. Participants will be encouraged to meet someone that could be a future mentor/mentee or accountability partner for support on their individual journeys.

Part 2: Journey Tools

Journey Tools:

I: All participants will be provided with a blueprint for mapping out what their Journey to the Crown will look like, regardless of where they are on their course. Participants will be given specific strategies to use to meet their journey goals, given by various special guests

II: Opportunities will be available in between programming for participants to explore items from vendors that may further empower them on their journey.

III: Live panel discussion hosted by The Grapevine TV

IV: IV: Lunch/Networking

Part 3: Seeking the Crown

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in:

I: A special Q&A seminar with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta TV Star and Model Ariane Davis and Head of Video at Essence & InStyle Magazine Keisha Lamothe

II: Special Keynote Address given by CEO of Jaden's Voice, TV Personality & Entrepreneur Terri Matthews.

III. Introduction to the Journey to the Crown 90-Day course which will support participants in discovering, developing and maintaining their passion during the healing process.

JTTC Queens:

Follow us each week leading up to the JTTC Experience as a new Queen shares her Journey to the Crown

Meet Marshalle Crockett - The Scarred

"I am not my scars. I am not mymistakes. I was never mysadness. Hurting myself wasmy therapy. Until I found a way through to the other side.To heal.To be whole again. To finally love myself... and allow myself to be loved."

Watch Marshalle's Interview:

Meet Tasha Guevara - The Survivor

"A woman's worth is notdetermined by her womb... orthe cancer that runs her raggedand causes her to almost give up.NO. It's determined by thedecisions she makes, her qualityof life, and the intentions in herheart. We determine those things.I couldn't let cancer beat me. Ifought with everything I had, toovercome. To heal. To helpothers."

Watch Tasha's Interview:

Meet Mya Hernandez - The Butterfly

"We cannot fight nature. We can try to control it. But ultimately, it is more powerful than we are. But, disease... That we can fight. I suffered from a crippling condition that made me suicidal. Lupus. But I reclaimed my body and I am still here! My will was stronger than the illness that almost took my life; and that made me want to take mine. I am resilient, healthy and strong."

Watch Mya's Interview:

Meet Britt Bradley - The Guarded

"Growing up the youngest of seven in a small town in Mississippi wasn't easy. Bullied by my brother, I ended up staying with my grandmother. But even she couldn't protect me from the dangers of what was to come. Violated by my own blood... betrayed by friends and people I trusted. My body is mine and no one else's to take."

Watch Britt's Interview:

Meet Nakissi Dosso - The Chosen

"When I was at my lowest, my religion did not save me. I found it, and it guided me to the places I needed to go to: to find myself, to express my truth, to express my style and share it with the world. And for girls like me to have a voice, and know that they can achieve great things, even at a young age. Everyone's vehicle is different. I pray you find yours, Inshallah."

Watch Nakissi's Interview:

Meet Leyna Bloom - The Genderless

"Things are not always black and white. Everything is not binary. Nor are they always what they seem. See there's a spectrum and some things are fluid: love, gender, sexuality. C'est la vie. I refuse to be put into a box. I am 100% woman. And I deserve a seat at the table... to be seen, heard and cherished too."

Watch Leyna's Interview:

Meet Khoudia Diop - The Fighter

"Black as midnight they say. Too dark, they whisper. You're pretty for a dark skinned girl they back hand compliment. Little did they know, I am the Mother of Stars. A melanin goddess! I've learned to love the skin I am in. And I will inspire every young woman of color to do the same as long as there is breath in me."

Journey To The Crown Experience Details

Date: Saturday, February 11, 2017
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: 165 Allen Street, New York, NY

$30 per person

For more information about JTTC 2017 or for sponsorship inquiries, please contact us at