To support aspiring leaders on the journey to healing, self-love and self-determination through individual and group mentorship, community based courses, workshops, events and conferences.


To serve as an international network of leaders, mentoring one another as we claim our power, discover our passion and live our God-given purpose.

About Us

Ellen Osei

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ellen Osei, EdD Candidate, MS OT/L

Ellen Osei, Founder of The CLASS Network, is an occupational therapist and doctoral candidate at Columbia University, humanitarian, and former pageant titleholder and coordinator. As a therapist, her life mission is to support individuals in obtaining optimal quality of life in all their daily activities.

Ms. Osei's inspiration for the CLASS Network programming stems from experiencing how many individuals were able to use the pageant platform to overcome their own obstacles and serve as a leader, develop a new business idea or career path. The realization that there may be thousands of individuals out there that don't have the courage to compete in a pageant but could turn their life around by just having a platform that allows them to reflect and take charge of their own story and others is how the The CLASS Network was formed.

It is our goal to help every individual discover their power that shines from conquering their own destiny. "What makes everyone unique is the passion that radiates from within...passion that stems from proclaiming victory and power over life's obstacles, and walking in your purpose. Our mission is to help every aspiring leader & entrepreneur become the best version of themselves by identifying their power, discovering their passion, and walking in their purpose "

Using her journey as an example and her project resources, her vision is to encourage and provide a vehicle for as many individuals as possible to find a source of faith, purpose, and to live life without limits! For more information about our founder visit: www.ellenosei.com.
Jacqueline Candelaria

Chief Operations Officer

Jacqueline Candelaria, RN Candidate, CMA LME

Jacqueline is a Licensed Medical Esthetician who has been in the Skincare and Medical industry for 9 years, having received her degree from Atelier Esthétique in New York. With a passion for helping and healing she has helped many individuals regain their confidence by transforming their skin. She is currently working with a Plastic Surgeon in Englewood Cliffs, NJ as well as pursuing her Nursing Degree to further herself in the medical field, and to have the opportunity to assist in surgeries.

Director of Marketing & Entertainment

Adrian Hoda, BBA, CADC

Executive Assistant

Nana Ama Kyeremeh

Administrative Assistant

Sophonie Chery

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Poma